Single Zone IRONCLAD Kit 250ft/75m

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A perimeter security system uses the property boundary barrier and gives the owner a buffer time against intruders since it’s located away from the main building outline or footprint. Having a fence with a sensor cable marks your perimeter and offers a clearly defined boundary and acts as the first line of defense and detection against trespassers. Perimeter security isn’t just about protecting the building on the property. It also addresses the areas outside of the facility such as the parking lot and garage, landscaping, loading docks, and outdoor equipment.


  1. The fence alarm system allows you to receive an “early warning” someone is trespassing.
  2. Fence alarm giving you the opportunity to “react” by triggering sirens, strobe lights, or any other measure to scare the intruders away.
  3. Transforms a standard fence into a smart barrier with no extra cost for infrastructure.
  4. The fence Alarm system is the economical way to secure the whole perimeter with an existing burglar alarm system, the IRONCLAD is just another zone/sensor in your burglar alarm.
  5. Loss prevention and return on your investment, achieve peace of mind knowing that when you are away there’s a way to receive real time alarms for intruders when they are on the IN and not when they are already in the middle of the job.


Outdoor armored sensor cable. Roll of 250ft/75m.  End-of-line termination board pre-installed at end of sensor cable.  Local Processor (LPU-304 Analyzer) Unit (Single Zone) w/ 1 relay output. IP66 / NEMA4X rated weatherproof enclosure for LPU-304 processing unit.