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FIBARO The Button is a simple Product Type_Z-Wave scene controller that allows you to activate or Deactivate any device or scene within your Product Type_Z-Wave network. It recognizes up to 6 different actions; 1 click, 2 clicks, 3 clicks, 4 clicks, 5 clicks and hold down. It is battery operated and can be mounted virtually anywhere in your home. Mount it on your end table next to your bed to quickly shut down your home for the night. For example, press FIBARO The Button once and the system can turn off the lights, lock the doors, and set the alarm. FIBARO The Button comes in many different colors to match any interior. Compatible with most Product Type_Z-Wave hubs such as Home Center 2, Home Center Lite, SmartThings, Homeseer, Vera, Nexia and Clare Controls.