Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Plug-in Smart Dimmer, Dual Plug, Passthrough, 500S

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Easily enable Z-Wave control for a plug-in lamp without sacrificing a power outlet by using the Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Plug-In Smart Dimmer Module, Dual Outlet (Gen5). This plug-in module has one Z-Wave controlled outlet that allows you to turn on/off and dim the plugged-in light through your Z-Wave controller, plus a traditional "always on" pass-through AC outlet that allows you to power another plug-in device. You can also control the Z-Wave controlled lamp with its traditional switch or using the button on the module.

The module supports an incandescent light up to 300 Watts, or an LED/CFL up to 100 Watts. To set it up, just plug your light into the module's 2-prong Z-Wave outlet, and plug the module into a wall power outlet. Thanks to the module's horizontal design, it doesn't cover up other outlets.

  • Works with dimmable incandescent, CFL, and LED lamps
  • Control the Z-Wave outlet via remote or local button
  • Secondary "always on" 3-prong outlet powers another plug-in
  • Button glows blue when Z-Wave light is switched on
  • "Z-Wave Plus" certified for wide compatibility
  • Horizontal configuration prevents blocking of nearby outlets