Engineered Wall Light With Adjustable Lumen Output | SWEL60ML

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  • Aged Brass Finish
  • Detachable body for easy repair
  • 48 in. #18 AWG lead wire with quick connect for easy repair
  • Can be used with the Set-N-Stone® (CSIS)
  • LED & housing 10-year warranty
  • ETL approval


  • Dimensions: 6" long x .7" wide x 1" height
  • Four light levels at 100%, 70%, 50%, and 30%
  • 2700 CCT warm white
  • Frosted lens with 8-chip LED
  • 2.5 watt and 80 lumen at 100%
    • 70% power setting = 1.75 W and 55 lumen
    • 50% power setting = 1.25W and 40 lumen
    • 30% power setting = .75W and 25 lumen
  • 9-24 volt operating range
  • 80 CRI
  • Rated hours: 50,000
  • Ambient operating temperature -40 to +50 Celsius

Install Using the CAST Set-in-Stone® Wall Light Installation System!

One of the biggest challenges for wall lighting installation is the fact that once a light is mortared under the capstone, it is nearly impossible to remove. The same is true of wires that run through the walls. Wall lights must be installed during the wall’s construction phase – a messy process and often a logistical nightmare among contractors.

Enter The CAST Set-in-Stone® Wall Light Installation System

CAST Lighting’s system includes two components:

  • CAST Set-in-Stone Wall Light Mounting Module (Part#CSIS)
  • CAST Set-in-Stone Flexible Conduit (Part# CSISC)

This modular system can be used for any wall light installation including between blocks and embedded in solid walls, but the most common use will be under capstones. They provide fixture mounting locations and wiring conduit that allows the lighting installation to occur after the wall has been completed. It also makes repair or replacement simple without any risk of breaking or damaging the wall and fixture!

This system should be used with the CEWL5CB, CEWL5LED1, SEWL60R, and SEWL60ML.

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