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These compact solid bronze Ground Lights feature fully integrated and sealed LED's. Choose from (4) ground light models with high-quality fixed optics with a selection of lumen levels. These ground lights have fewer advanced features than Impressionist and Classic fixtures (so have a lower price point), but share the high levels of durability and performance that define 'CAST Quality'.


Small compact fixtures great for uplighting/wash lighting landscapes, shrubs, trees, and architectural features. Extremely effective for washing low and wide plant material. Highly Versatile in applications, as a standalone fixture, if well light application is needed, easily snaps into gimbal ring of Well Light (use CWLNLNW) or can be used as LED Retrofit for existing Par 36 halogen Well Light installations.


Four High-Quality Options

  • (CCGL18336B) Bronze Spot Light - 36° Beam Angle, 153 Lm – 20 Watt Halogen Equivalent
  • (CCGL25036B) Bronze Spot Light - 36° Beam Angle, 229 Lm – 35 Watt Halogen Equivalent
  • (CCGL105WB) Bronze Wash Light - 80° Beam Angle, 49 Lm - 10 Watt Halogen Equivalent
  • (CCGL270WB) Bronze Wash Light - 80° Beam Angle, 164 Lm – 20 Watt Halogen Equivalent


  • CAST Bronze for unmatched corrosion resistance, with no coating to peel, flake, chip or fade.
  • Convex Lens and built-in drainage channel help prevent calcium build-up
  • Unbreakable body
  • Fully Potted and sealed against the elements
  • Marine-Grade Tin-Coated No-Ox Wire for lifetime electrical conductivity


  • LED components integrated into fixture bodies to draw heat away from the LED's for maximum longevity and performance
  • Premium-quality LEDs deliver consistent color temperature and accurate color rendering.
  • Superior lenses and optical elements for exceptional beam quality.
  • Electronics protected from electrical spikes and surges
  • Electromagnetic radiation (EMI) filtered to prevent interference with wireless devices.

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