RBTec:  An Elevated Perimeter Security System

RBTec: An Elevated Perimeter Security System

Simply Secured is excited to introduce you to a perimeter security system that is ideal for outdoor applications requiring 24/7 protection. This perimeter intrusion detection system meets a wide range of needs from small businesses to high-risk large installations.

Meet RBtec Perimeter Security Systems. This business has decades of experience and expertise. Their systems have been used globally, are economical, and user-friendly. Weather-resistant and durable, their products are currently in use in industrial, commercial, utility, storage, farm, and oil and gas sites.

We are bringing the IRONCLAD Fence Alarm System onboard for our customers that require a high-quality outdoor security installation. Here are a few reasons we chose this product solution:

· Easy installation with no special training, certification, or custom tools needed;

· 3 layers of false alarm filtration which means the alerts you do get are the real deal and not triggered by weather events;

· Affordability;

· Protection for fence heights up to 10 feet;

· Can be connected to any alarm system;

· A wide range of sensitivity levels that you can customize to the environment, weather, and infrastructure; and

· 2-year warranty on the sensor cable.

A perimeter system takes outdoor security to the next level. The sensor cable is an active sensor that detects activities like fence cutting, lifting, and climbing.

The IRONCLAD system can help prevent intrusion attempts and can cover an entire property.

The kit includes the sensor cable and a processor with a weather-proof enclosure. The sensor cables come precut in various sizes to better meet your needs and kits can be easily combined to cover large perimeters.

Contact us today to for more information on this highly-rated security solution.