A rugged surveillance solution for rural areas

A rugged surveillance solution for rural areas

Owning a home or a business in a rural area is a dream come true for many people. Unfortunately, that dream can quickly turn into a nightmare thanks to increasing criminal activity in rural and remote areas. In 2019, CBC reported that crime rates in rural Alberta were 38 percent higher than in urban areas. This trend of higher rural crime rates has been documented across the prairie provinces. Nationally, the rural crime rate was 23 percent higher compared with urban areas. Until now, rural home and business owners looking for effective surveillance solutions have been disappointed by the options available. Vosker outdoor surveillance cameras were made for rural areas and come equipped with solutions for the challenges inherent in remote monitoring.

Vosker cameras provide superior surveillance in traditionally difficult environments. The cameras are wireless and can work without Wi-Fi or electricity as long as there is 4G or LTE connectivity, depending on the model. They include a built-in solar panel that extends the life of the rechargeable battery pack. All the product components were chosen because they can withstand harsh climates and the cameras are certified IP65 Weather-Resistant. We put this claim to the test and used the cameras during a polar vortex when temperatures dipped below -40 C. They worked perfectly!

In rural areas, installing a surveillance system can be tough due to a lack of reliable Wi-Fi signal. With the Vosker line of cameras, you can choose between units that work with 4G or LTE, depending on what works best in your location. The mounting arm makes quick work of installation. Each camera model captures high-resolution pictures, has a multi-shot mode and a 43.6 degree field of view. They also have motion detection and night vision. If someone visits your property, invited or uninvited, Vosker is going to let you know about it!

Speaking of letting you know about it, the key to getting the most out of this durable outdoor solution is the integrated app functionality that Vosker cameras offer. The Vokser app includes AI filters with accurate image recognition to help differentiate between vehicle and human activity. The app sends out smart mobile alerts when motion is detected so you can see right away who is on your property. The security plans don’t require a phone carrier and you are never locked into a long-term commitment. Paid on a monthly basis, you can choose from a few different plans and select the option that works best for your individual needs.

In the past, there were many barriers to having adequate rural surveillance. The solutions on the market were not reliable or able to perform in the weather conditions and locations of more remote sites. Vosker saw this gap in the marketplace and developed a great solution! Read more about when we put the Vosker 150 LTE to the test.