Touchscreen Wi-Fi Automation IAQ Thermostat

Touchscreen Wi-Fi Automation IAQ Thermostat



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With features like automatic humidifier and dehumidifier control, automatic air cleaning, and temperature control, an 8830 will ensure that the air in your home is clean, fresh, and comfortable for you and your family.

Our Wi-Fi enabled home automation thermostats make it easy to control indoor air quality anywhere and anytime, all from the convenience of your smart phone or tablet. Reduce your energy costs with the push of a button without sacrificing comfort. Experience the health benefits of proper indoor air quality by installing an 8830 today

The Aprilaire Model 8830 Home Automation Thermostat with ​IAQ Control:

  • Genuine Aprilaire Programmable Wi-Fi thermostat
  • Aprilaire 8830 Home Automation Thermostat gives you complete control over your indoor air quality
  • Compatible with most major home automation systems.
  • Large 4.5" diagonal LCD touchscreen display
  • Complete Home Comfort Control – Temperature, Humidity, Air Cleaning, Fresh Air Ventilation
  • Remote monitor and control capabilities with the Aprilaire Wifi Thermostat App on iOS and Android

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