Guardian Leak Prevention System Plus Kit (Valve w/3 Leak Sensors)


Guardian by Elexa

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Guardian is a system of Leak Detectors and a Valve Controller 

 PREVENT WATER DAMAGE - Install in minutes and never worry about water damage again. Guardian will automatically close your water main when Leak Detectors sense leaks, freezing temperatures, or earthquakes. Use the iOS & Android app, with no monthly service fees, to monitor and control your system from anywhere in the world.

  • NO TOOLS REQUIRED - Valve Controller easily installs over existing quarter-turn metal ball valve from ½” - 1” without any tools. For Indoor use only!
  • EXTREME LONG RANGE - The Leak Detectors can be placed up to 1000’ away (line of sight) from the Valve Controller, and they include a 15-year battery.
  • MONITOR YOUR WHOLE HOME FOR LEAKS - The Leak Detectors sense water using five different points of detection to provide installation flexibility. Use to monitor toilets, basement doors, sump pumps, water heaters, appliances, sinks, drains, and more for leaks and floods.
  • SAVE MONEY ON INSURANCE PREMIUMS - Contact your insurance provider for premium disc
  • Back Up Battery Available to operate unit for 12 hours and shut off valve in he event of a leak with a GLD1 Leak Detector


  • (1) Valve Controller
  • (3) Leak Detectors
  • (2) Remote Sensor Probes

Anyone can install Guardian out of the box, but first, it's important to make sure Guardian is compatible with your plumbing.


Since Guardian installs on top of your existing valve, it will need enough space around it to accommodate Guardian:

Make sure any elbows, T's, and other pipe fittings are at least 4.5" away from the center of the valve.

4.5" of clearance is required above the pipe for the Valve Controller's body.

The water main should be at least 2" from the wall.

If you don't have enough space around your water main for Guardian, request a service call and we can take care of the rest.


Make sure your water main valve meets the following requirements:

Plumbing should be between 1/2" and 1-1/4" in size.

Guardian works with Copper, PVC, PEX, and most other plumbing materials.

The water main should be a standard metal 1/4-turn ball valve.

If you have the wrong valve type or size, request a service call and we can fix the issue.


To use Guardian without any unexpected hiccups, make sure you meet the requirements below:

Usable Wi-Fi connectivity near your water main valve (for initial setup and remote notifications/control). (2.4GHZ)

The Guardian Valve Controller should only be used indoors.

If your water main is in a poor location, request a service call and we can relocate it for you.