Assure Lock Interconnected Touchscreen (Standalone)


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Available in Polished Brass (605), Satin Nickel (619), or Oil Rubbed Bronze (10BP).

Yale Assure Lock Interconnected combines electronic deadbolts with the convenience of a passage lever for panic proof egress. From the inside, both the latchbolt and the deadbolt are retracted simultaneously in a single motion for a quick and easy exit. Choose from 12 lever styles.

These locks present a significant benefit to multi-family and multi-unit projects, commonly requiring rekeying.

  • Multi-family residences 
  • Assisted living facilities 
  • Public restrooms 
  • Offices and small business applications

Keyed deadbolt with touchscreen keypad. Single point lock. Latchbolt is operated by either lever at all times. Deadbolt activated by touchscreen or key on outside or by thumbturn on inside. Interior lever retracts latch and deadbolt simultaneously.